Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations to America and the 44th President Obama

THERE have been moments in the past months while monitoring the progress of the democratic battle for nomination between Obama and Hillary Clinton that I have been pessimistic about the process of election.

However, today after Obama's victory for nomination has been sealed, I began to understand that beneath all that bravado that sometimes is erroneously projected to outsiders, lies a hidden strength that personifies America as a nation of great souls.

Yes, it has been a hard fought battle by Obama and Hillary but victory goes to the people of America. Twenty years ago, it would have been almost unthinkable for any African-American to aspire to occupy the Oval Office.

Today in 2008, Barack Obama has broken all the stereotyped notions of the Land of Milk and Honey by peoples living on the opposite sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

I am glad that America has taken this brave step forward. If foreigners had misgivings about US involvement in Iraq, Somalia, and other troubled spots around the world, it is because America as a superpower had not always been able to do its best under the worst circumstances.

Nevertheless it tries despite the adverse publicity and its noble intentions. The lives of its own people is its gift to the rest of the world. I can't speak for the other nations, so I will speak for myself.

I for one appreciate the trouble taken by US to lay down the lives of its own men and women in foreign lands so that others may live in freedom. Time will soon eclipse all sad and bad memories of engagements abroard but the fallen soldiers symbolic of what is good about America will not be forgotten. It cannot be.

We who live so far away of the US shores have always been appreciative of the fact that whenever a major natural disaster strikes, US is constantly among the first to extend a helping hand.

Sometimes we forget our manners. In our sorrow and our grief, we forget to thank our benefactors and our rescuers, many of whom wear the US flag on their lapels and uniforms.

But as a person from a land not unaccustomed to the US Peace Corps, let me say with pride as well as with humility that all the good America has done all over the world and over the decades have not been forgotten.

One day when America needs help from the rest of the world, I am sure there will be many among us who will jump at the opportunity to help an old friend.

Once again, congratulations America!





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