Saturday, July 19, 2008

Akshay seeing Red !

18 Jul 2008, 0000 hrs IST, MARK MANUEL ,TNN

Akshay Kumar, who is shooting with Sylvester Stallone on the sets of Sajid Nadiadwalla’s Kambhakt Ishq at Universal Studios, LA, is in a dangerous mood .

An Indian television news channel ran a story on the action star Tuesday night hinting at rumours that Akshay was currently seeing his personal fitness trainer, a foreigner by the name of Jennifer.

The channel alleged that the two had met and got close during the shooting of Namastey London. And that Akshay later recommended Jennifer to director Vipul Shah, who utilised her training expertise in the film. Now, the channel claimed, after running through the many women (‘Queens’, it said) who had reportedly shared space in Akshay’s life, Jennifer and the Bollywood khiladi were often spotted at five star coffee shops in Mumbai.

Akshay spoke exclusively, and angrily, to BT from LA when asked to comment on the allegations: “What can I say... I applaud those back-stabbing, insecure people that try and ruin me... I’d never knight them, but I’d definitely hire them for Friday night entertainment, because, boy, they make me laugh! Here we are, me, my wife and all my apparent ‘Queens’ half-way round the world laughing at their attempt to stab me...”
By ‘their’, whom did Akshay mean? His many detractors in Bollywood? The actor’s response, “I could have bet my last rupee that someone out there was going to concoct some kind of filthy dirt and try and throw it my way...” The reason being? “I have a huge big blockbuster releasing soon, and I swear, I only hear crap like this when certain people feel threatened by me and my work.”

Refusing to take names, but acknowledging that “it’s a dog eat dog world” in Bollywood and that he had no time for “petty playground digs”, the fighting star challenged, “Come on, let’s fight like men and leave the ladies out of it... It amazes me how low some of those dogs will go when they feel I’m too hot for them professionally.” But, apparently, wife Twinkle and he are unaffected by the rumours in LA, “In fact we are living it up,” Akshay revealed. And no doubt, going by his fanatical fitness regime, Jennifer is with them as well.

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